Special effects

Special Effects for movies, theater & events: fire & water, CO2 & snow, (low) fog & mist, confetti & streamers, bubbles & foam, pyrotechnics & fireworks.

Event Decoration

Unique (inflatable) decoration for events.
Easy in transport but with a huge impact. These inflatables can be ulluminated internally or even used as projection surfaces.


Pyrotechnics for film, theater and events:
gerbs, fountains, explosions, waterfalls, comets, …
Fireworks (also for private individuals):
batteries, arrows, smoke torches, bengal fire, …

Fireworks store en 7theaven are open from 11 Mai 2020 from monade till friday between 13 & 17 hours. 


With more than 15 years of experience 7THEAVEN has been able to realize countless projects.


A selection of our projects and happy customers can be found ...

Water effects:

decorative & refreshing !!!

Fog screen :

Create a magical walk through effect.

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